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Why You Should Put Together A List Of Overwatch League Players

Are you interested in betting on Overwatch? If you’re planning on making bets on competitive Overwatch, you’re going to want to make sure you have a complete list of Overwatch league players. Here’s why you should take the time to make a list like this. With A List, It Will Be Easier For You To Make Betting Predictions If you’re planning on betting on Overwatch, you’re going to want to know as much about it as you can. You’re

Why You Should Put Together A List Of Overwatch League Players

Are you interested in betting on Overwatch? If you're planning on making bets on competitive Overwatch, you're going...

A Short Guide to Buying the Best Pearls

Before you start shopping for pearls, you will want to learn what you can about them. This will...

Does Silicone Help Improve Hair Health?

Silicone is an ingredient found in many cosmetics and hair care products. When it is part of a...

How Long Will It Take USPS To Forward First Class Mail To My New Address?

If you have recently moved, and you are expecting an important piece of mail, you may be wondering...


Why You Should Put Together A List Of Overwatch League Players

Are you interested in betting on Overwatch? If you’re planning on making bets on competitive Overwatch, you’re going to want to make sure you have a complete list of Overwatch league players. Here’s why you should take the time to make a list like this. With A List, It Will Be Easier For You To Make Betting Predictions If you’re planning on betting on Overwatch, you’re going to want to know as much about it as you can. You’re

Why You Should Put Together A List Of Overwatch League Players

Are you interested in betting on Overwatch? If you're planning on making bets on competitive Overwatch, you're going...

A Short Guide to Buying the Best Pearls

Before you start shopping for pearls, you will want to learn what you can about them. This will...

Does Silicone Help Improve Hair Health?

Silicone is an ingredient found in many cosmetics and hair care products. When it is part of a...

How Long Will It Take USPS To Forward First Class Mail To My New Address?

If you have recently moved, and you are expecting an important piece of mail, you may be wondering...


Why You Should Put Together A List Of Overwatch League Players

Are you interested in betting on Overwatch? If you’re planning on making bets on competitive Overwatch, you’re going to want to make sure you have a complete list of Overwatch league players. Here’s why you should take the time to make a list like this.

With A List, It Will Be Easier For You To Make Betting Predictions

If you’re planning on betting on Overwatch, you’re going to want to know as much about it as you can. You’re going to want to be familiar with all of the players that currently play Overwatch at a competitive level.

If you assemble a list of Overwatch League players, you’ll be able to learn more about everyone that is playing Overwatch at this level. Every time you track down a new name to add to your list, you’ll be able to learn a little bit more. You should be able to put all of that knowledge to very good use.

It’ll Be Easy For You To Find The Information You Need

You’ll need a great deal of information if you want to finish a list like this. Thankfully, you won’t have to do much digging to find the names you need. Once you start looking, you’ll find that a lot of the information you need is right at your fingertips.

As long as you’re willing to spend time on your list, you should be able to find every last name that you need for it. There are also a lot of sources you can check if you want to make sure your list is complete.

You’ll Be Able To Use Your List All The Time

Once your list is finished, you’ll find yourself consulting it all the time. You’ll be able to use your list as often as you need to. You might be surprised by how often a list like this can come in handy.

Of course, you’re not the only person that will be able to benefit from your list. You’ll also want to share the list with others. Having a list like this is a great way to make connections with people that might be able to help you in some way.

It’ll Be Easy For You To Update Your List

While assembling your list will take a lot of work, you’ll only have to do that work once. After the list has been completed, the only thing you’ll have to do is make updates from time to time.

You should look at your list as a one-time project that will pay off for you in the long-term. If you’re willing to spend time and energy putting together a list, the only thing you’ll have to do in the future is make the occasional adjustment.

If you do put together a list of Overwatch League players, you’ll be glad that you did. Start looking at the names of Overwatch League players at Rivalry now. Little by little, you should begin to put together your list. Before you know it, your list will be complete.

A Short Guide to Buying the Best Pearls

Before you start shopping for pearls, you will want to learn what you can about them. This will help you know what to look for in the best pearls available. Every woman should have a pearl necklace, earrings or bracelet in her collection, and she should have the best she can afford.

Real And Natural Pearls

There are a few things to look for and some things you should know. There are real pearls, natural pearls and then there are cultured pearls. Fake pearls are made from plastic or some other similar material and often dipped in fish scales for an opalescent shine.

Real ones are formed when mollusks have irritants enter their shell. This irritant is combated by a fluid called nacre. In five to 10 years, a luminous bead is created. There are very few natural beads that you will find sold. The only place where fishing is done for them is in India but they are usually quite small and expensive.

Cultured pearls

Cultured pearls are what are commonly sold these days. They are a lot like real ones but the irritant is injected into the mollusk shell. The pearl takes its time to cultivate and the process does not always result in a beautiful bead worth selling at a jewelry store.

Now you know that you have two basic choices. You could search for real ones from dealers in antique jewelry or you could buy the ones harvested from India. Buying real ones is daunting. You should research as much as you can. More things to look for when choosing the best include lustre, shape, size, surface and color.

Lustre should be bright and not dull. The shape may not be perfectly round, and in fact, most of the best are not because all pearls develop the way nature intends. Size matters. The bigger the bead, the more valuable it will be. However, it is up to you to decide what size of a pearl you want to be wearing and that may also depend on what jewelry you get. A large one on a ring may be better than many large ones on a necklace.

Know More

The bead even if it is cultured should be smooth and clean. If it is bumpy or cracked, it will is not valuable at all.

The color will not affect the value much. The color is a matter of taste. Decide which color, rose, cream or gold looks best on your skin tone. Rose tones are good for fair skin and gold tones are best for natural or dark skin tones.

These are the basic things to look for in a good pearl. For more details, speak with a jeweler for recommendations based on what type of jewelry you are interested in buying. Ask them about the style, color, and quality of the beads that they have available so they can recommend something for you when you visit. Be sure to also ask the jeweler what they believe is the best quality bead for your money. Get to know more at http://www.shopedc.com/jewelry/jewelry-repair-dayton-ohio/

Does Silicone Help Improve Hair Health?

Silicone is an ingredient found in many cosmetics and hair care products. When it is part of a moisturizer or a smoothing treatment, it gives hair shine. There are debates, however, about how safe it is. Some argue that it is like adding plastic to one’s hair so it only adds build up. Some argue that it depends on the type of silicone. The right formulation adds sheen to hair without weighing it down.

Silica Occurs in Nature

It was not until the 1950s that cosmetic companies came up with polymer type silicones that could be used to smooth skin and hair. According to some sources online like Self magazine, even though they can be harmful when overused, they do have a purpose.

They cover hair or skin with a waterproof coating. This coating keeps hair from absorbing humidity or moisture, and this is what makes silicones excellent for eliminating frizz and helping you achieve straight smooth styles. Silicone helps moisturize your hair by lubricating the surface of the strands. This makes it easy to comb and easy to eliminate tangles.

Use Best Quality Hair Product

What you want to do is make sure you use the best and most effective type of product on your hair. There are a few basic types you will find on the ingredient label of products for hair care. These include Cyclomethicone, dimethicone copolyol, amodimethicone, and dimethicone.

The best type is Cyclomethicone because it offers smoothness without weighing hair down. It is water-soluble which means all it takes is a little water to wash it out of your hair. It will not stick to it or affect hair adversely. Cyclomethicone is the most commonly found silicone in hair care items. This evaporates and will not build up as long as you wash your hair regularly and use the product sparingly.

Dimethicone Copolyol

The dimethicone copolyol is also water-soluble and lightweight. It is used in shampoos and conditioners. It is also a good type to use.


Amodimethicone contains aminos in it. This will stick to hair more and while, it can be effective for straight, smooth styles, it is hard to remove and can cause buildup.

Dimethicone is like an oil. It coats the hair and offers lots of shine and conditioning but it is also insoluble. This means it can weigh hair down. It could also attract pollutants from the air and make them stick to your hair.

Some silicones are clearly better for hair than others. It is important to read labels. You probably want to avoid dimethicone or amondimethicone as silicones you use on a daily basis.

You might use them if you need to do an especially straight style for a special occasion and it happens to be raining or humid outside. For instance, a wedding day with weather like this could mess up an otherwise perfect hairstyle. These kinds of silicone would save the day.

For a regular treatment, cyclomethicone, should not cause harm to your hair. Be sure about using it as sparingly as you can and wash your hair regularly. Find details at https://www.threesquaressoil.com

How Long Will It Take USPS To Forward First Class Mail To My New Address?

If you have recently moved, and you are expecting an important piece of mail, you may be wondering how long it will take for the mail to arrive. If your mail is being forwarded to your new address, it might not arrive immediately. Here’s what you should know about mail forwarding and wait times.

It Can Take The USPS A While To Process A Change Of Address

Address changes don’t always go through immediately. In most cases, it will take the postal service a few days or more to process an address change.

This is why you should try to submit your change of address form ahead of time. Let the post office know when you want them to start forwarding your new mail. If you submit your change of address form in advance, everything should be processed by the time your first class mail is sent to you.

Your New Mail Won’t Arrive Immediately

Forwarding mail can take some time. You shouldn’t expect first class mail to arrive as quickly as it normally would if it is being forwarded. You will want to add a little bit of time onto the mail’s expected arrival date.

It’s hard to say exactly how long it will take for your mail to be forwarded. Wait times for mail forwarding tend to vary based on your post office. With that said, you should add up to 7 days onto your mail’s expected arrival time. If your mail does not arrive within that time, you should contact the post office.

It’s Best To Have Mail Sent To Your New Address

If you have the option to have your first class mail sent directly to your new address, you should do that. Mail forwarding takes extra time. If you don’t have time to spare, you should keep that process and have your mail sent straight to you.

Contact the person that is sending you your mail and provide them with your new address. Request that your first class mail is sent to that address instead. If your mail is sent to the right address, you should save quite a bit of time.

Submitting Your Change Of Address

None of your mail will be forwarded unless you submit a change of address form. If you’ve never filled out one of these forms before, you might not know what you need to do.

You can pick up a form at the post office and fill it out there, or you can fill out a form online. Once you’ve submitted your form, you can expect your mail to be forwarded. It’s important to have your mail forwarded when you are changing your address.

If you have a new address, and your first class mail wasn’t sent straight to that address, it may take a little bit longer for your mail to get to you. With that said, you can rest assured that your mail should arrive in a timely manner. You will get the mail you are expecting before long. Visit us at https://www.us-mailing-change-of-address.com

The Best Professional Lawn Mowing Techniques

Lawn mowing techniques have been around for many years. Since the advent of the automatic lawnmower, people have been developing new ones all the time. Of course, before they had motors, people still had to use viable techniques that could enhance their ability to cut their grass as quickly as possible. It is also important to do so properly, making sure that each and every pass is going to be even. Here are some of the best professional lawn mowing techniques that you ought to use, even if you are not doing this for a living.

Always Go At An Angle

You should always go at an angle when you are mowing your lawn. This means you should crisscross. This is not to say that going back-and-forth is a bad thing to do, but by changing it up, you can actually really improve the way that the lawn looks once it is mowed. If you were to do this professionally, this would be one of your trademarks, allowing you to attract people that would like your particular style. By changing this up, you can also improve the condition of your lawn.

Follow A Clockwise Pattern

If you go on a clockwise pattern, you can also mow your lawn and what could be a much faster period of time. You can also choose to go counterclockwise, depending upon what you feel most comfortable doing. Once you have mastered how to turn the lawnmower, it will be a very easy way to mow your lawn. It also allows you to change up the tedious process of doing this the same way over and over which is what causes many people to not want to do this.

Other Strategies You Can Use

Another strategy that you should consider using is to simply use the mulcher. This is done by removing the bag, sealing the hole, and simply having the lawn clippings chipped up. Once you have done this a few times, as that material decomposes, it’s going to help improve the condition of the lawn. The other possibility is to simply mow the lawn, and rake up the clippings, which might be something that you would prefer doing.

These are just a few of the many techniques that you can use if you are going to be a professional lawnmower. You can use each technique, depending upon what other people would prefer. If you have a riding lawnmower, you will be able to follow some of these techniques in the same way. It might be a little more difficult to turn, but if you practice, you can mow both small and large lawns in a very short period of time. In fact, some people prefer using lawnmowers that you ride on because it makes it easier on their back and legs. All of these techniques are useful if you are going to make your lawn look as good as possible, even if you are not doing this on a professional basis for your business. Get to know more at discoverziehler

What is a Sharing Economy?

The title of Lisa Gansky’s book, Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing, hints to the change in the business industry from solo to sharing. In general, a sharing economy in business refers to peer-to-peer involvement in transactions and interactions. In detail, it is much more than that.

A sharing economy is sometimes referred to as a democratized marketplace; a market in which the consumer can also play the role of a vendor. It also refers to the sharing of information. When you are transparent and informative about a product online, it will lead to increased sales. The concept is somewhat derivative of millennial generation morals; rather than being a “victim of hypo-consumerism”, buyers want to informed and in control of their purchasing power. The more you know about a product or company, the more you are able to trust them/it to be reliable and honest. This is crucial for companies that want to build brand loyalty from their consumer base.

Some examples of successful forms of sharing economy businesses are Ebay, Etsy, Uber, as well as freelance client-worker connection websites like Upwork and Fiverr.

If You Liked Lisa Gansky’s TED Talk, You’ll Love These

In February of 2011 Lisa gave a TED Talk called “The Future of Business is Mesh”. In her talk, she discusses how businesses operating under a mesh model will heavily use social media, wireless networks, and all types of data to provide goods and services at the exact moment a potential customer may need it. She discusses how important it is for businesses to be transparent in their practices to build trust with customers converting them into repeat-customers.

If you loved Lisa’s TED Talk, here are a few other TED Talks you need to see:

  • The new age of corporate monopolies by Margrethe Vestager
  • How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google manipulate our emotions by Scott Galloway
  • What really motivates people to be honest in business by Alexander Wagner
  • We’re building a dystopia just to make people click on ads by ZeynepTufekci
  • How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day by Tristan Harris

Lisa Gansky is one of hundreds of experts changing the way we do business. Learn more about their game-changing techniques through these and other TED Talks.

How to Find a Business Mentor

No matter what industry you’re in, the advice and guidance you can receive from a mentor is irreplaceable. Although you may be confident in your skills and your place in your niche, you don’t know everything. Asking for guidance from someone you trust who knows your industry can be a make-it or break-it decision. That person is called a mentor. Almost all successful business people have relationships with a mentor.

How can you find the right person to mentor you long-term in business? There are a myriad of ways. The first thing you should consider is different forms of mentorship. For people who are just starting out in business, or have yet to start but want advice, go to a book store. Successful people have one thing in common: reading every book they can on their industry. Start your mentor search in the books learning everything you can. And, notice which authors really stand out to you or even make you feel comfortable learning from. Knowing of the important people in your field is important for networking and for potential future mentorships.

A second way to find the right mentor for you is to network online. As you read all those books, make a point to follow the authors you like on social media. You can also go on YouTube and see who the leading voices are in your industry on that platform. If you’re a digital marketer, you can guarantee there will be digital marketing gurus on YouTube. Watch all the videos you can. Then, start reaching out to the people that influenced you the most. Through direct messaging on any platform, let the content creator know you enjoyed their work and found their opinions interesting. Ask further questions; start the conversation. If you don’t get a response, who cares? But eventually someone will engage in a conversation and that’s when the brain-picking begins. However, try not to appear too eager or clingy, you want them to feel like they are providing assistance to you but not like they’re being cornered into answering.

The third way to find the right mentor for you is to keep yourself open. You may have plans of one specific person being your mentor but life isn’t always that straightforward. Keep your mind open as your learn and network, and be welcoming to unplanned conversations. Mentor-mentee relationships aren’t usually created step by step and with the knowledge that it is that kind of relationship from the start. Sometimes it begins as two people discussing their common industry, and the one with more experience begins to lend valuable advice to the newbie.

If you’re looking for a straightforward mentorship program, consider checking out the Mentorship page for business guidance from Lisa Gansky herself. At the very least, her support can lead you to the right mentor in your specific field. As long as you’re focused on continual learning in your field, you embrace networking and starting conversations, and you’re open to whoever may appear, you will find the right mentor for you.

Facebook Marketing 101

It’s no secret that digital marketing through social media platforms is critical to your business’ growth. Unless you’re able to successfully run your company on word-of-mouth (very rare) you need some form of marketing on the internet. Not sure where to start? There are so many popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. We recommend getting on Facebook first, and here’s why.

First, the sheer number of people on Facebook makes it a perfect place for advertising. You likely have your own personal profile on Facebook already. Think about all the events, products, and services you’ve learned about because of seeing their ad on your newsfeed. Your newsfeed is clearly valuable real estate for companies! Nearly every kid, mom, grandparent and dog is on Facebook and your business should be too. The trick is to add value to your followers’ newsfeeds and not annoy them with over-posting or not post enough and let them forget about you.

Second, the format of having a “page” or profile for your business makes it incredibly easy for customers and clients to find your information. They see your ad, click your company’s name, and are taken to a page that says everything the customer needs to know. Your location, contact information, services or products provided, and reviews or testimonials. It’s simple, easy to navigate, and sends customer’s straight to you. You can even run promotions on Facebook to reward customers for finding you on that platform. If you own an e-commerce store, consider using a promo code that only Facebook followers of your business have access to.

Third, Facebook has infrastructure for businesses to run advertising campaigns and it’s really simple. You choose the budget you’re willing to spend, how long you want the campaign to run for, and how many people you want it to reach. All you have to do is design the advertisement. This can be done on your own with a graphic design software, or you can hire someone through a freelance website like Upwork. Once your ad is up and running, you’ll have access to a Facebook analytics page which will tell you how successful the ad is. It’ll say how many people clicked the ad, the demographics of people who clicked it, and how many of those clicks led to sales. This is crucial information that will decide what your next campaign looks like.

Facebook is a jackpot in digital marketing terms because of how beneficial it is to businesses. It gives you access to millions of people, it allows customers to easily find your information, and it allows you to run advertisement campaigns through in-house infrastructure. Its proven ability to bring in traffic to websites and sales for ecommerce websites is unsurpassed. The best part is that it’s completely user-friendly. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never marketed your company online before, Facebook makes it so simple you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing this earlier. Take the plunge and get your business advertised on Facebook, your increased sales and clientele will thank you.

Why You Need to Have an Email List

If you’re running a business in 2018, you likely have a website that either advertises your services or sells your products online. It’s nearly impossible to be successful in business and not have an online presence these days. Of course it’s important to be on Facebook and maybe Instagram and Twitter, but one platform you should not ignore is email. One of the best ways to advertise your business and keep your customers coming back is by having an email list or newsletter.

An email list is the part of your website that asks for the readers email so that you can remind them of news, promotions, and other important parts of your business. Lifestyle blogs will often have an email list and send exclusive blog posts and other content to the readers who signed up for it. Niche-blogs will send out freebies in their newsletters, like a free template or e-book. Fitness blogs sometimes send exclusive workout videos made especially for the viewers who signed up for the email list. Clothing stores use their email list to send discounts and coupons electronically. If you haven’t created an email list option for your company’s website, that needs to be a priority.

One reason that email lists are so important is because the people who sign up for them are showing express interest in your business and your content. There’s no questioning if people like what you are publishing or if anyone cares about upcoming sales. And, there’s no question that your emails are very private and personal; no one wants hundreds of spam emails that they didn’t ask for. If someone is giving you access to their personal email, that is an established sense of trust from that customer and you should be proud of cultivating it.

Once you have the option to subscribe to a newsletter or sign up for an email list on your website, focus on creating emails or newsletters that will add value to their inboxes. Start with a crisp, clean, and chic design that is streamlined with your business online and in person. Use your logo (you should have a logo by this point!) and scheme colors that are used anywhere your business is advertised. You can do this yourself, or hire an email list specialist to produce a template for you to reuse. Then, plan your content. Are you going to send out monthly discounts? Are you going to write a blog post that your readers have requested? You must send email content that adds value to the readers’ lives or else they will simply unsubscribe and you will lose business.

Email marketing is an often overlooked platform to increase your traffic, your sales, and advertise your business. It is a mistake to not have an email list sign-up option on your website. Consider what your business provides to customers or clients, and then what additional content you can give them for free in an email. That could be exclusive videos, blog posts, or even discounts and coupons. Make sure what you send your readers will meet one of their needs. Always show the utmost respect for people who give you access to their email address. It is the golden ticket to harnessing return customers.

Choosing the Right Brand Ambassador

Advertising your business online becomes easier and more successful when you have trusted icons endorsing you. Most websites will include testimonials or reviews on their websites, but in this day in age it simply isn’t enough. The new way of testimonial-marketing is through the use of brand ambassadors. These are online personalities and icons who, through a paid contract, tell their followers that your products or services are great. Brand ambassadors have been used for decades (think celebrities in cereal commercials), but not like they are today in the online world. Today, you don’t have to be a popstar or famous actor to be an ambassador, you just need a following.

So, how do you find the right online brand ambassador for your business? It starts with research. First, go on Instagram and search hashtags that are relevant to your company. If you’re a makeup and beauty brand, try searching makeup terms like “#naturalmakeuplook” or “#smokeyeye” and see all the different posts that come up. As you click through them, notice which accounts have high amounts of followers. Instagram accounts with lots of followers can advertise your product to lots of people, but those Instagrammers will also expect to be paid for their high number of followers. If you don’t have a lot to pay your first brand ambassadors, then expect to hire Instagrammers with fewer than 1000 followers.

Also do your research on the person running the account. Do they have a personality, style, and even morals that reflect well on your business? Are they controversial and likely to tie your company into their drama? The goal is to choose people who represent your brand well; people who are unique and loyal to their following, but are also professional and straightforward with business.

Once you know who you’d like to hire, start by sending them an email or direct message. Start by explaining who you are and why you love their Instagram feed. Explain how their vibe meshes perfectly with your brand. Then, ask if they’d be open to having a meeting (online or in person) to discuss a contract. For accounts with a high number of followers, they may have a management team you’ll have to interact with first. This can be a good sign that the potential ambassador has done this successfully before and needed a management team to field out unworthy jobs.

When you land an interview, be professional and friendly. Present your contract proposal with confidence because you know your company is worth their time. Be open to negotiation if they want to be paid more or want to alter the type of advertising they will be doing. Some Instagrammers insist on giving 100% honest reviews, so if you send them a product to test out you have to be okay with potentially not getting a stunning review.

Brand ambassadors are an excellent way to increase your brands publicity and advertising. Through the use of popular Instagrammers you can reach a larger audience and build new clientele. Always do your research about the ambassadors you have representing your brand.

The Massive Success of eBay

In Lisa Gansky’s book, Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing, she discusses how pivotal it was for business to grow on the internet. With the creation of e-commerce stores and personal profiles, we as customers were able to see the face behind the brand and everything else behind it. This openness between companies and consumers was game changing, and no one has done it better than eBay.

EBay was one of the first businesses to take the sharing model of business and make it a huge success. Big corporations based in China could sell on eBay, but so could the average stay-at-home mom in the United States. And since the stay-at-home-mom was also someone who would shop on eBay, she became a knowledgeable and experienced eBay participant. A main feature of the sharing model is that the exchange of money for product is done on a peer-to-peer basis, rather than a giant elusive corporation selling to everyone else. As mentioned, the consumer can also be the supplier.

This switch to peer-to-peer business changed how we advertise and how we brand our companies. The influx of the millennial generation to the consumer chain has changed it as well. Long gone are the days of anonymous, elusive giant corporations leading the sales. Today, customers value transparency and seeing a face of the company they can trust.

EBay succeeded in both capacities. First, their transparency was demonstrated by every seller that created a store and a profile. Each product for sale has a description, and if the buyer has a question about it they can message the store owner. Rather than getting a response from a customer service team, you get a response from an independent person who isn’t trying to save face for the sake of the company that pays them. EBay sellers don’t owe anything to umbrella companies; they are in charge of their own sales, and being honest has paid off. Since eBay allows customers to leave reviews of the stores they purchased from, store owners are encouraged to make sure the customer has a good experience for the sake of their personal reviews.

EBay in the recent decade has also seen an influx of sellers turning their online store into a fulltime career. They do this by having excellent sales, and often connecting with their customers in real-time. This is done on social media like Instagram and Twitter. Shop owners can show behind the scenes of running a business, show how your items are treated before purchased, and get a sense of the business owner’s trustworthiness. Being able to trust the company you are shopping from is a huge part of the sharing economy.

The success of eBay has been largely due to their engagement in the new sharing economy model of business and their openness to growing with the times. It has encouraged the average person to become a store owner and business owner, removing the monopoly from large corporations. The peer-to-peer way of interactions and transactions has proven successful for businesses that embrace the sharing economy, like eBay has.

Spotlight on Sofia Amoruso, Hustler to Girlboss

If there ever was a feminist example of rags to riches, it would be Sofia Amoruso. Here at Lisa’s Business Blog, we love supporting other female business women who build businesses based on hard work, confidence, and instinct. Sofia did just that when she created Nasty Gal, an online clothing e-commerce store that turned her into one of Forbes richest women under 30 years old.

Before the success of Nasty Gal and the Girlboss movement erupted, Sofia was a laidback Californian anarchist who didn’t do well with authority. She worked many jobs, and was fired or quit almost all of them. Being forced to represent a company she didn’t believe in proved to be soul-killing and would usually result in termination when she failed to comply. When she decided to start selling vintage clothing on eBay, it was as if the heavens opened up and she could feel her potential for greatness.

Selling on eBay allowed her to be her own boss; she dealt with every customer one-on-one and even purchased clothes from other sellers. This was another example of the sharing economy model passing the test to success. Although there were many ups and downs, Sofia was gradually able to scale her business up and hire an employee. It started in her single apartment, and moved from office space to office space, growing larger with her company. When she was booted off eBay, it was because she was being a rule breaker again. Other eBay sellers pinpointed a tiny flaw in Sofia’s store which didn’t comply with eBay’s rules and regulations. However, it ended up being one of the best things that could’ve happened.

When she left eBay, she created her own flagship website that sold all of her vintage finds. As her popularity grew, so did her presence in the fashion world. Suddenly, established fashion brands were reaching out to be sold on Nasty Gal, bringing it even more publicity. Nasty Gal grew, and Sofia became recognized as a full-fledged business woman, despite never having gone to college let alone business school. When Forbes named her one of the most successful (and richest) business women of the year, it was the official certification that she had made it.

Sofia Amoruso had some key personality traits that made her a prime candidate for business success. She was tenacious; she believed she could do anything she wanted to, and she proved it. Although many of her first jobs she was accused of being lazy, when given a job she actually cared about (like running her own business), she had the tenacity to take that risk. She was in-tune with her customers. Before the days of Facebook and Instagram, Sofia communicated with her customers and fans on MySpace. Eventually she had a customer service team to handle inquiries, but she trained them to approach replying the way she would.

Sofia Amoruso is an excellent example of someone going from rags to riches; someone who didn’t let their circumstances or bad experiences stop them from taking risks. Instincts, street-smarts, and risk taking were the special combination that led to her fame and success.

What You Should Know Before Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. You’re taking risks, committing all of your energy and time to these risks, and hoping it pays off in the end. Maybe you’re passionate about something completely different than your current career and industry so you’re taking a leap of faith to do what you love. Maybe you’ve outgrown your current company’s roles and it’s time to be the CEO of your own creation. Whatever your reason, there are a few things you should know before you take the plunge of starting your own business.

  1. Be prepared to lose income. This is widely known and expected when venturing on your own, but that’s because it is a serious concern you need to consider. The best path of action would be to save up one year’s worth of savings to live off of for the first year of your business. It will likely take you at least that long to create infrastructure and develop the business. For some, that means staying at your current job until you can afford that potentially low-income year.
  2. There are a lot of skills required to start a business. You may be an expert about your passion; someone who loves landscaping and gardening and wants to create a business around that. You likely have the task at hand covered, but there are so many more aspects of running a business you need to cover as well. Can you do the accounts-receivable, accounts-payable, and all the other accounting tasks yourself? Are you able to code and create a website that is unique to your company? Are you prepared to answer the phones and emails your business receives once traffic picks up? Very few successful businesses are a one-man show. Before you start, consider what roles you can learn and execute well, and what roles you will need to outsource.
  3. Your personal life may suffer. As we mentioned above, you will need to put all of your time and energy into the first few years of starting a business. If something doesn’t get done, it falls on your shoulders and the business may suffer. For many entrepreneurs, that means they are working from early morning until late at night, often on the weekends as well. If you’re raising a family or have other personal commitments, consider how they will be affected by you starting a business.

For anyone who is ready to go off on their own in business, the rewards far outweigh the risks. However, the risks involved with starting your own venture are serious and need to be considered before you even start the first steps. Think about your income stability and if you can afford to start a business right now. Think about all the different hats you’ll have to wear if you do it alone. And, think about how this adventure will affect your family. Starting a business is an exciting venture, but there are always pros and cons to any great idea. Consider yours before you start.

Benefits of Staying Small- Why to NOT Grow Your Business

When you own a small business, it’s often expected that your long term goal is to scale it larger and larger until you can retire and live off its continued profits. However, for many business owners that simply isn’t the end goal. There are dozens of reasons why you don’t want to grow your business into a multi-million dollar corporation, and there are so many benefits to staying small.

First, you remain in control. If you own a small, independent business you are likely making most of the big decisions regarding hiring, marketing, and sourcing yourself. You choose the hours it’s open, the promotions, and the campaigns that get advertised. When you scale your business you will become responsible for a lot more decisions and tasks. For some, this can be a downside because they enjoy the responsibilities of a small business owner. Suddenly, you’ll have to consider the employee packages for dozens or hundreds more employees and then come up with a system for promotions and grievances. These additional responsibilities are not ideal for many small business owners. Independent business owners enjoy the authority of making all the decisions for their company and growing means you’ll have to delegate those decisions to a team and potentially lose authority in decision-making.

Secondly, for many small businesses that cater to the grocery or retail markets, staying small means you can continue to source from small farm owners near you. Many small grocery retailers have increased their sales by only selling local produce, meats, and dairy. The new generation of shoppers enjoy supporting the people who grow food- not a faceless corporation that imports everything. When you grow your business, perhaps opening a chain of grocery stores, you have to source from larger farms. This can remove the face-to-face partnership and supportive relationships many have with family-run farms. As you grow, you’ll need to source from producers who can keep up with that growth.

It’s common for small businesses to be family-run and have a tight-knit team of employees who all understand the mission of the business. In fact, for many shoppers and clients, knowing that you are supporting a family business is a huge benefit of spending money there. If you’re lucky enough to have a family that wants to participate in your business, then growing too much can ruin that. Businesses that grow larger and larger will obviously require a larger team of employees and managers to run it making it less family-run. It can become a big company that all your family members coincidentally work at.

When deciding your business plan for the long term, you need to consider how big you want to grow. Obviously, any entrepreneur wants to increase their profits and income. However, are you willing to lose autonomy over your business to do so? In this day in age, it is completely normal and admirable to choose to keep your independent business small. You just have to decide what you want the future of your business to look like.

Instagram Marketing 101

You’ve likely noticed the little Instagram icon showing up on people’s promotional materials like business card, websites, and bus advertisements. What used to be a single phone number used to contact your business is now a list of social media icons that customers can use to reach you any time they want. We all know Facebook is a popular and useful marketing tool, but what about the others? Instagram is rapidly gaining popularity and use in the marketing world. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Next to Facebook, Instagram has the most amount of users with active accounts. That means if you are seeing success with your Facebook marketing campaigns and want to add another tool to your arsenal then Instagram should be your next pick.
  2. It’s incredibly visual. Instagram is different than other social media platforms in that it is image-heavy as opposed to text-heavy like Twitter and Facebook. Each post you make is required to have a 1:1 ratio image which can include a text caption if you choose. The main marketing tool on Instagram is choosing the right image to appeal to your customers. If you work in a creative industry, like fine arts or design, then Instagram is the perfect place to advertise your portfolio.
  3. Your profile is less detailed than Facebook. There’s not enough room in your page bio to explain all your products and services, your hours, location, or anything else. You get roughly 250 characters to concisely explain what your business does, and then you’re allowed 1 link to a website. Any other information customers need has to be found in your images.
  4. Your feed of images should have a theme or at least a consistent filter or color scheme used. The most successful business’s Instagram feeds have an exceptionally well thought-out and preplanned profile. There are various apps that help you plan your feed before publishing and it’s recommended to use one. Most businesses will have at least 1-2 weeks of Instagram posts ready to go.
  5. Following other pages and interacting with them is half the work on Instagram. You should choose around 100 pages to follow that are in your niche, represent your businesses ideals, or are people who you think would benefit from your business. Make a point to comment on the latest Instagram post of these accounts regularly. If you’re able to start a conversation in the comments that’s even better. When people who are browsing through their Instagram feed see one of their favorite pages interacting with you, you will no doubt have more people coming to your page. Then, you have to make your page appealing so that they stay.

Instagram is an incredibly useful digital marketing tool, especially for businesses with a visual element. Since Instagramis image-heavy, creating your images and choosing where to place them on your feed is critical. Do your own research of other businesses in your field and how they use Instagram. Notice what works for them and what could work for you, then start posting.

Resources for Female Entrepreneurs

If you’re a woman in the business world, you have likely come across different forms of discrimination or prejudice because of your gender. Since the majority of company presidents and CEOs are men, it can be hard to move up the ranks. We’ve compiled a list of the most empowering, informative, and helpful books for women in business to overcome gender discrimination and be successful.

  1. #Girlboss by Sofia Amoruso. If you’re at the beginning of your career but have aspirations to one day be a CEO, then #Girlboss is for you. Learn how Sofia went from rags to riches on her own business instincts and understanding of what customers want. It’ll teach you how to stand up for yourself and take risks.
  2. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. Arguably one of the most influential female business people of our times, Sheryl talks about the steps she took to get where she is today and how the relationships she built along the way helped her succeed. It’s incredibly inspiring to read her words of wisdom.
  3. Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht. This is certainly a novel for the millennial business women (often calling themselves “girl bosses”) who want to build their empire without sacrificing who they are. Hone your social media skills and improve your interpersonal skills to climb the ladder. Aliza teaches you how to get what you want.
  4. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhymes. Most know Shonda from her acting and producing roles, but her success took a whole lot of business smarts as well as pure talent. In her debut book, she talks about overcoming fears and taking risks to achieve your goals. Stop saying no because you assume you’ll fail, start saying yes and see what happens!
  5. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. For any woman in a creative field, you know how intimidating and scary it can be to express yourself. This is true for showing your work to clients, or proposing a great new idea to your boss. Creativity leaks into every facet of our lives, especially in business. Elizabeth teaches us how to master that creativity and stop apologizing for it.
  6. Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin. This is an amazing read for any business savvy lady who wants to know the exact steps to success. Nicole outlines her mistakes, achievements, and embarrassments along the way to becoming a successful businesswoman and author. Told with lots of humor, Rich Bitch also gives concrete, specific advice for networking, career building and more.

Women in business have an arguably harder time then men when climbing the ladder. There are preconceived notions of how we will act and make decisions which are completely unfair and often times untrue. Women are perceived to be bad at making decisions, flirty temptresses distracting the men from work, or unreliable workers who go on maternity leave every two seconds. If you’ve ever felt limited in your career because of your gender, check out any one of these booksto realize how much power you truly have in reaching your goals.