A Short Guide to Buying the Best Pearls

//A Short Guide to Buying the Best Pearls

Before you start shopping for pearls, you will want to learn what you can about them. This will help you know what to look for in the best pearls available. Every woman should have a pearl necklace, earrings or bracelet in her collection, and she should have the best she can afford.

Real And Natural Pearls

There are a few things to look for and some things you should know. There are real pearls, natural pearls and then there are cultured pearls. Fake pearls are made from plastic or some other similar material and often dipped in fish scales for an opalescent shine.

Real ones are formed when mollusks have irritants enter their shell. This irritant is combated by a fluid called nacre. In five to 10 years, a luminous bead is created. There are very few natural beads that you will find sold. The only place where fishing is done for them is in India but they are usually quite small and expensive.

Cultured pearls

Cultured pearls are what are commonly sold these days. They are a lot like real ones but the irritant is injected into the mollusk shell. The pearl takes its time to cultivate and the process does not always result in a beautiful bead worth selling at a jewelry store.

Now you know that you have two basic choices. You could search for real ones from dealers in antique jewelry or you could buy the ones harvested from India. Buying real ones is daunting. You should research as much as you can. More things to look for when choosing the best include lustre, shape, size, surface and color.

Lustre should be bright and not dull. The shape may not be perfectly round, and in fact, most of the best are not because all pearls develop the way nature intends. Size matters. The bigger the bead, the more valuable it will be. However, it is up to you to decide what size of a pearl you want to be wearing and that may also depend on what jewelry you get. A large one on a ring may be better than many large ones on a necklace.

Know More

The bead even if it is cultured should be smooth and clean. If it is bumpy or cracked, it will is not valuable at all.

The color will not affect the value much. The color is a matter of taste. Decide which color, rose, cream or gold looks best on your skin tone. Rose tones are good for fair skin and gold tones are best for natural or dark skin tones.

These are the basic things to look for in a good pearl. For more details, speak with a jeweler for recommendations based on what type of jewelry you are interested in buying. Ask them about the style, color, and quality of the beads that they have available so they can recommend something for you when you visit. Be sure to also ask the jeweler what they believe is the best quality bead for your money. Get to know more at http://www.shopedc.com/jewelry/jewelry-repair-dayton-ohio/