Choosing the Right Brand Ambassador

Advertising your business online becomes easier and more successful when you have trusted icons endorsing you. Most websites will include testimonials or reviews on their websites, but in this day in age it simply isn’t enough. The new way of testimonial-marketing is through the use of brand ambassadors. These are online personalities and icons who, through a paid contract, tell their followers that your products or services are great. Brand ambassadors have been used for decades (think celebrities in cereal commercials), but not like they are today in the online world. Today, you don’t have to be a popstar or famous actor to be an ambassador, you just need a following.

So, how do you find the right online brand ambassador for your business? It starts with research. First, go on Instagram and search hashtags that are relevant to your company. If you’re a makeup and beauty brand, try searching makeup terms like “#naturalmakeuplook” or “#smokeyeye” and see all the different posts that come up. As you click through them, notice which accounts have high amounts of followers. Instagram accounts with lots of followers can advertise your product to lots of people, but those Instagrammers will also expect to be paid for their high number of followers. If you don’t have a lot to pay your first brand ambassadors, then expect to hire Instagrammers with fewer than 1000 followers.

Also do your research on the person running the account. Do they have a personality, style, and even morals that reflect well on your business? Are they controversial and likely to tie your company into their drama? The goal is to choose people who represent your brand well; people who are unique and loyal to their following, but are also professional and straightforward with business.

Once you know who you’d like to hire, start by sending them an email or direct message. Start by explaining who you are and why you love their Instagram feed. Explain how their vibe meshes perfectly with your brand. Then, ask if they’d be open to having a meeting (online or in person) to discuss a contract. For accounts with a high number of followers, they may have a management team you’ll have to interact with first. This can be a good sign that the potential ambassador has done this successfully before and needed a management team to field out unworthy jobs.

When you land an interview, be professional and friendly. Present your contract proposal with confidence because you know your company is worth their time. Be open to negotiation if they want to be paid more or want to alter the type of advertising they will be doing. Some Instagrammers insist on giving 100% honest reviews, so if you send them a product to test out you have to be okay with potentially not getting a stunning review.

Brand ambassadors are an excellent way to increase your brands publicity and advertising. Through the use of popular Instagrammers you can reach a larger audience and build new clientele. Always do your research about the ambassadors you have representing your brand.