How to Find a Business Mentor

No matter what industry you’re in, the advice and guidance you can receive from a mentor is irreplaceable. Although you may be confident in your skills and your place in your niche, you don’t know everything. Asking for guidance from someone you trust who knows your industry can be a make-it or break-it decision. That person is called a mentor. Almost all successful business people have relationships with a mentor.

How can you find the right person to mentor you long-term in business? There are a myriad of ways. The first thing you should consider is different forms of mentorship. For people who are just starting out in business, or have yet to start but want advice, go to a book store. Successful people have one thing in common: reading every book they can on their industry. Start your mentor search in the books learning everything you can. And, notice which authors really stand out to you or even make you feel comfortable learning from. Knowing of the important people in your field is important for networking and for potential future mentorships.

A second way to find the right mentor for you is to network online. As you read all those books, make a point to follow the authors you like on social media. You can also go on YouTube and see who the leading voices are in your industry on that platform. If you’re a digital marketer, you can guarantee there will be digital marketing gurus on YouTube. Watch all the videos you can. Then, start reaching out to the people that influenced you the most. Through direct messaging on any platform, let the content creator know you enjoyed their work and found their opinions interesting. Ask further questions; start the conversation. If you don’t get a response, who cares? But eventually someone will engage in a conversation and that’s when the brain-picking begins. However, try not to appear too eager or clingy, you want them to feel like they are providing assistance to you but not like they’re being cornered into answering.

The third way to find the right mentor for you is to keep yourself open. You may have plans of one specific person being your mentor but life isn’t always that straightforward. Keep your mind open as your learn and network, and be welcoming to unplanned conversations. Mentor-mentee relationships aren’t usually created step by step and with the knowledge that it is that kind of relationship from the start. Sometimes it begins as two people discussing their common industry, and the one with more experience begins to lend valuable advice to the newbie.

If you’re looking for a straightforward mentorship program, consider checking out the Mentorship page for business guidance from Lisa Gansky herself. At the very least, her support can lead you to the right mentor in your specific field. As long as you’re focused on continual learning in your field, you embrace networking and starting conversations, and you’re open to whoever may appear, you will find the right mentor for you.