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Are you passionate about business? Do you consider yourself an expert in any specific business field? Is there something in our day in age that really makes you question business practices?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we want to hear from you!

Lisa Gansky Blog is always looking for aspiring writers to curate different posts for the website. Topics can range from entrepreneurship, marketing, digital marketing, logistics, current business trends, and more.Opinions from veterans in the industry, business college students, and anyone in between are all welcome. We’re looking for writers and aspiring-writers with an excellent sense of the English language and a business-casual style of writing.

What we can do for you

Although first-time writers aren’t compensated monetarily, all articles are credited with the author’s name, a short bio, and a link to your website. If your article garners interest from the public and generates an increased audience, you can apply to become a House Writer in which you are compensated monetarily as well as given consistent writing assignments. This is an impressive credit for your portfolio and resume.

I’m a house writer here at and I’m so grateful for this opportunity. Through this experience, I’ve been able to network with experts in different business fields, improve my writing skills, and demonstrate my business knowledge. It has led to further contracts in the business writing world and further job opportunities. Becoming a House Writer is definitely worth applying for!” – Amy, England

When I landed my first writing gig at, I was interested in business but didn’t know a whole lot. I was given a topic to research in depth and write about in a way people like me could understand. This allowed me to learn a lot about topics I’m interested in, and eventually led me to choosing my major for college: business marketing.” –  George, United States

Send your application through the contact page with the subject line reading: Writer Application.

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