Why You Need to Have an Email List

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If you’re running a business in 2018, you likely have a website that either advertises your services or sells your products online. It’s nearly impossible to be successful in business and not have an online presence these days. Of course it’s important to be on Facebook and maybe Instagram and Twitter, but one platform you should not ignore is email. One of the best ways to advertise your business and keep your customers coming back is by having an email list or newsletter.

An email list is the part of your website that asks for the readers email so that you can remind them of news, promotions, and other important parts of your business. Lifestyle blogs will often have an email list and send exclusive blog posts and other content to the readers who signed up for it. Niche-blogs will send out freebies in their newsletters, like a free template or e-book. Fitness blogs sometimes send exclusive workout videos made especially for the viewers who signed up for the email list. Clothing stores use their email list to send discounts and coupons electronically. If you haven’t created an email list option for your company’s website, that needs to be a priority.

One reason that email lists are so important is because the people who sign up for them are showing express interest in your business and your content. There’s no questioning if people like what you are publishing or if anyone cares about upcoming sales. And, there’s no question that your emails are very private and personal; no one wants hundreds of spam emails that they didn’t ask for. If someone is giving you access to their personal email, that is an established sense of trust from that customer and you should be proud of cultivating it.

Once you have the option to subscribe to a newsletter or sign up for an email list on your website, focus on creating emails or newsletters that will add value to their inboxes. Start with a crisp, clean, and chic design that is streamlined with your business online and in person. Use your logo (you should have a logo by this point!) and scheme colors that are used anywhere your business is advertised. You can do this yourself, or hire an email list specialist to produce a template for you to reuse. Then, plan your content. Are you going to send out monthly discounts? Are you going to write a blog post that your readers have requested? You must send email content that adds value to the readers’ lives or else they will simply unsubscribe and you will lose business.

Email marketing is an often overlooked platform to increase your traffic, your sales, and advertise your business. It is a mistake to not have an email list sign-up option on your website. Consider what your business provides to customers or clients, and then what additional content you can give them for free in an email. That could be exclusive videos, blog posts, or even discounts and coupons. Make sure what you send your readers will meet one of their needs. Always show the utmost respect for people who give you access to their email address. It is the golden ticket to harnessing return customers.