Events, Speaking Engagements and Book Tour

/Events, Speaking Engagements and Book Tour

There are dozens of events throughout the year that Lisa Gansky speaks at. With her plethora of business knowledge and experience, it is a pleasure to learn from such an acclaimed businessperson. Whether you want to learn how to improve your own business or simply learn more about the topics in her book, you should check out one of the many events she’ll be speaking at. Below are a list of upcoming events, reviews of previous events, and instructions for purchasing tickets.

Upcoming Events

Is Silicon Valley as Green as it seems?

Event held by Climate One, March 31 2018
Speaking on mesh business models and the environment

London Fintech Conference 2018

Event held by London Fintech Company, April 7 2018
Speaking on digital marketing and e-commerce

Fordham University’s 7th Annual Entrepreneurship Conference

Event by Fordham Entrepreneurship Society, May 20 2018
Speaking on entrepreneurship and careers

A new book launch and book tour are coming late in 2018. Keep checking back for updated dates and times for the book tour and other speaking engagements.

Reviews of Lisa’s TED Talk, The Future of Business is Mesh

“It was a joy to see Lisa Gansky speak on mesh businesses and the sharing economy. I learnt so much about new business practices and how to improve our interactions with customers which led to an increase in sales. Highly recommend!”

“Lisa Gansky’s TED Talk was one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’m so thankful I got to see it live. I never realized how beneficial it is to be transparent with my clients; I’m used to the old-ways of thinking where you keep most things private. Thankfully, her speech brought me up to the 21st century!”


To purchase tickets to see any of Lisa Gansky’s talks, go to the website of the organization running the event. Or, keep an eye our homepage for ticket promotions, giveaways, and deals.